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Two non-experts work their way through the entire available run of the old time radio anthology X Minus One (X-1) with occasional guests.
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Sep 26, 2018

Rescued from obscurity, an episode we recorded in July of 2017. We briefly discuss the story of a convincing activist and then the nature of evil. Insights into people bad at blackmail, audiobook celebrities, and Richard's dating profile.

Are we back? One can only hope.

Jun 28, 2017

Now featuring both of us...

William Redfield and Ernest Kinoy do their best to delight us with a really dumb story, Richard dreams of Bewitched, Ryan gets creeped out by old timey sexual innuendo and we all find a way to enjoy something bad.

Ryan gives it a 2 and Richard a 3

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Jun 21, 2017

From out of nowhere comes a new episode. That we kind of discuss. As well as Riverdale, other anthologies, and Ryan eventually falls off the planet.


Ryan gives it a 7 and Richard gives it a 6.5 in a category divide.


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Dec 28, 2016

We complete a years worth of weekly episodes in the span of a year an half or so with Murray Leinster's "If You Was a Moklin" where we discuss the line between adorable and scary, we forget our own podcasting history, and discuss evolution the way people who don't 'believe' in evolution think it happens.

Ryan is an 8.5 and Richard is an 8

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Dec 23, 2016

I finally got some time set aside to edit one of the two episodes on deck, so here for your listening pleasure is Simak/Kinoy joint Project Mastodon.

Topics include chill time travelers, goofy plans, a half-assed history of our writing, and the defense contractor pitch for top down scrolling games of the 80s.

Ryan landed at a 7, Richard at a 7 1/2

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Nov 8, 2016

We're back. We've flipped the audio problems once again as we dive into the linguistic sorta story "Lulungameena." We discuss arcane grammar rules, ruin classic comedy bits, and quibble over what literal is.

Ryan give it a 7, Richard a 6.5 @1000MaybeWorlds and A Thousand Maybe Worlds on Facebook. Also, now on Stitcher.

Sep 3, 2016

So, somewhere along the line, I erased the last seven minutes of Richard's recording on the last episode...or i have space madness and Richard is just in my head...


Either way, he was elbow deep in what is undoubtably the most popular part of the podcast, him talking about books he's read. So for the fans, I have restored Richard's Reading Room for your listening pleasure. And revealed that I don't to a QC after it goes to MP3...

Sep 1, 2016

Finally it's here, except there's twenty minutes up front where Richard talks about Lem instead, then pitches a few shows based on mis-speaking, and eventually we get into a bunker episode that washes the taste of Hello, Tomorrow out of our mouths.


Ryan clocked in at a 7 and Richard an 8

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Jul 4, 2016

Our first remote recording, some audio problems, timing problems, but it's an uploadable episode so here it goes.


X-1s grumpiest man returns in a space madness episode "Hallucination Orbit". Ryan complains about his stomach, Richard reads a kids book, and we encounter the first man in literature to be bored with porn.

Ryan gave it a 8.5, Richard a 7.5

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Exclamation point!

Jun 25, 2016

Richard gets the title right on the second try, but Ryan can't count. Another invasion story, this time from a Blue Man Group Robot. Bad piloting, a strange plan, and another episode we talk ourselves out of liking in this week's belated episode.

Fours all around.

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Jun 17, 2016

Back from the dead, the first of the previously lost episodes "Sea Legs" despite the fact that Richard calls it "The Seventh Order" and Ryan agrees. Listen as we slowly talk ourselves into disappointment, Richard soapboxes a pet peeve again, we get Ryan's favorite grumpy voice actor William Redfield, and we decide what makes a good bureaucratic distopia story.

Richard gave it a 4.5 and Ryan a 6.5

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May 11, 2016

So, maybe my hard drive did not survive this last move, maybe it's just the power supply. Either way, hard drive failure and last minute thinking have brought you this special edition of A Thousand Maybe Worlds, our pre-release test recording of the 2000+ episode"The Brooklyn Brain." I haven't even listened to it since the trial edit over a year ago, so I'm going to be as surprised as you are.

Enjoy...and, good luck.

Apr 30, 2016

The ship is all, praise the ship...yep, we're on another generation ship and it's stupider than Ryan remembers. Goofy dialog and wooden characters leads to a discussion about classic dystopian novels, an old table top roleplaying game, and Richard drops a Small Wonder reference.

It's twos all around as it becomes something you just have to experience to understand.

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Apr 20, 2016

Hey, did you like "Cold Equations" but thought that there needed to be a stupid personal drama and a way out of the situation? What's wrong with you? Well, here's "Jaywalker," where we talk about how bad the episode was, ways in which the episode was bad, and the general badness of the episode.

Richard dusted off the old -1, and Ryan gave the 0 that he never thought he would.

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Apr 13, 2016

Every parent's fantasy, a super genius child that transcends human existence. You know, with shenanigans. We discuss the dual-pronged difficulty of writing geniuses and children at the same time, what math goes where, and our different experiences in gifted programs.


I don't remember the ratings, but it's a split again.

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Apr 6, 2016

A kit getting shipped by accident causes an existential crisis, but the silly music keeps playing. Richard has a moment with an author he's almost read, Ryan proposes a new way to listen to The Shadow, and we come to terms with rooting for the bad guy.

In a contentious three quarters of a point, Ryan gave it an 8.25 and Richard a 9.

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Mar 30, 2016

The ultimate blanket fort goes in search of a story but gets lost along the way. Richard forgets a fallacy, Ryan...shit, I may have sat this one out..., and we make a hard pitch for our perennial not-a-sponsor in this week's "A Pail of Air"

Hand wringy 4.5s and 5s as we try and give this episode a complement sandwich.

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Mar 24, 2016

We go straight into lament that this story wasn't the pilot to a sci-fi McHale's Navy. We name drop a bunch of other old sitcoms, including Richard's take on Hogan's Heroes, we do the worst musical number in all of podcastdom, and we return to a classic by turning on teenagers.

Ryan gave it an 8 and Richard went 'full Fellini' and gave it an 8 1/2.

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Mar 16, 2016

We go long and even occasionally talk about the episode. People from the future who can't remember the past encounter future disappointment, Richard gives Ryan an affirmation, Ryan throws shade on Dark City (get it?), Richard shares some hate for The Crow. Plus some Matrix talk and it all somehow vaguely relates to an episode we kinda liked.

Sevens all around.

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Mar 9, 2016

We go way back in time with some characters equally out of time to explain why you need to be able to handle a big gun for dinosaur in..."A Gun for Dinosaur." Ryan gets all kinds of names wrong, Richard explains why there's no time travel Santa Claus, and we encounter the anti-sucker punch.

Richard gave it a 7.5 and Ryan another adjusted score of 8.

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Mar 2, 2016

The making up continues as we explore the Simak story, "Junkyard." We discuss the unimportance of details, have a minor nerd off on other subjects we bore people with at parties, and our willingness to just assume our heroes are wrong about what's going on if the rest of the story is charming.

Richard gave it an 8, Ryan a sentimental 8.5

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Feb 24, 2016

This is it, we're in Sheckley territory now. We gush over one of our favorite episodes by one of our favorite X Minus One adapted authors. We discuss the role of sincerity in narratives and society, decide that generational stereotypes are heat loss, and Ryan misremembers a story he just listened to.


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Feb 17, 2016

Back on schedule-ish just in time for the heretic roles to be reversed. Richard talks through his problems in search of why he didn't like this story which involves a few greatest hits and why we don't like The Breakfast Club.


Richard gave it a 4.5 and Ryan gave it a 7...imagine. You'll have to listen to see what that's all about.

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Feb 15, 2016

Turns out we were faking space long before we got to the moon, also playing with 'found footage' style narratives. Richard puts his foot down on anthropomorphic nature documentaries, we contemplate why the obvious solution wasn't used, and Richard launches right into the reading corner.


Richard gave it an 8, Ryan an 8.5

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Feb 3, 2016

Almost in time for Groundhog's Day a Groundhoggy story...sort of. Ryan is apparently trying to not wake a baby, Richard pitches hard for the CW, and Ryan tries to start a religion.

Ryan gave it a begrudging 6.5, Richard a surprising 9.

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